We are happy and proud that we have accomplished Financial Markets for more than 15 times (since 2004) and that more and more participants join our course due to recommendations by colleagues.

"(...) it's been really a great course. I especially appreciated the clarity and logic of many, many explanations, (...)" Simona Fina, FS 2016

"The amount of material covered in this course was high, and the risk to fall behind was big. However, the learning effect in this course was worth every effort, because two things were exceptional. First, the lecture slides were very comprehensible and effective in conveying complicated concepts by striking a balance between mathematical rigor and clear explanations. And second, the course opened up my eyes upon the bigger picture in finance as it pulled together the content from various other classes. Thus, I can’t stress enough how useful the course was for me, and I would definitely recommend it!" - Adrian Knoblauch, 2015

"I liked a lot to study for your course, and after reading many textbooks this summer I have to say that the selection of the topics you made as well as their presentation is extremely well structured and effective: I also appreciated the mathematical approach, that I personally prefer to long explanations by words."
Andrea Merli, FS 2014

"Believe it or not, I miss the financial markets course, specially on the weekends. Until now it is the best course I had in the Masters program and I recommended Frau Scarcellas to model the other courses like Financial markets." Cesar de la Cruz, FS 2011

"Herzlichen Dank! Für alles! (…) und den tollen, gut strukturierten und interessanten Kurs!" Peter Bezak, FS 2011

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